It’s that time again! Let’s talk swaddling.
I always noticed that when I teach a dad, mom, or a couple to swaddle, WOW, what a difference it makes in their confidence level.
So recently I made this cool video which is connected to this blog. I found that it was probably necessary to talk about some of the things like hip dysplasia because of the emails that I received.  When I released this video, I knew it would be popular, but good gravy, it really has had a lot of views and requests for a hardcopy of it. Swaddling just adds that extra bump of “I’m really a parent” to being a parent. It makes baby sleep so much better and physically has the parents doing something to facilitate that. So when you watch the video, note that the ways of our ancestors all around the world may have been a little bit too extreme which could cause hip dysplasia.  This doesn’t mean you are going to hurt your baby.  So practice makes perfect and keep in mind that this is such a great tool and really shows your baby that you care about how your baby will sleep and how you kick up their comfort level.  Call me if you need any help, you know I’m always here at 210–683–0318. Thank you again!
Brian The Birth Guy