Skype! Skype! Skype!
Up until about four months ago, I really did not use Skype much. I would do facetime through my iPhone, but not everybody has that luxury. So how did my journey with Skype begin? I started using Skype when I was talking to my friends in other countries usually through Facebook. Suddenly as I started working nationally as a birth Mentor and Speaker, I started getting requests for help from people that were not in my own city or even in my country!
I began getting requests from my friend in Canada, Carey, she is a doula.  Then my other friends like Tiffany and Molly in Ohio began making requests for their clients. This began an inflow of great work using simply a computer and talking into the screen but being able to see the faces of those I’m working with.  What’s even more remarkable are the lasting relationships that I’ve had with some of these people. Even this weekend I received a call from one couple because their baby is not getting up to the desired weight from breastfeeding. Which brought us to a nice talk about demand and supply for breastfeeding and getting your supply up. Although I’m the one looking at them on the screen, I knew that having them find a lactation consultant in their area to weigh the baby and give them some helpful tips would be the best option.  Teaming up together and giving them the confidence that they need and the support and love really makes a difference in helping people embrace what they really can make their bodies do to help their baby. This was one of my most rewarding Skype calls yet, even though we completed the Facilitating Fearless Birth class together with this same family about three months earlier.
So do I enjoy giving Skype mentoring? Absolutely!!!
What does a scenario look like? Well since you asked, I like to have couples or dads or moms go through some questions that I give them prior to our Skype meeting. Then we get together and chat for a little while on Skype so I get to know you. After we get into it for bit, we then can move forward and start working on getting ready for the baby. This consists of a few things. We talk about being pregnant, forming your family and then get into labor and delivery and postpartum care. Breastfeeding is a big one too. Most people think it’s pretty funny when I’m holding a doll up to my boob as a man doing the cross cradle hold through a computer screen. I think it’s kind of funny too, but very helpful.  
If you want to see me do that and much more, why don’t we set up a Skype chat! I’d love to meet with you and help you and yours get ready for your new family member.  Have a fantastic day. I can’t wait to speak to you soon. Thank you for choosing to read my blog Brian The Birth Guy.