I received a call from a client of mine who is currently 35 weeks pregnant.
She was asked me why she looks like she’s wearing a mask and even looks like she has a ring around her lips.Melasmablemish
That’s when I told her about melasma. Melasma effects up to 75% of expectant mothers especially if you have darker skin or if you are Asian.  Melasma is caused by the rise in estrogen levels which stimulates excess melanin production. Melanin reacts to sunlight and causes our skin too darken due to pigment activation.
Once you have melasma, you can not really do much about it during your pregnancy besides use concealer and wear high SPF lotion.
It is not recommended to use peels, bleaches, or other chemically based treatments which can potentially penetrate the skin. That means lasers are a no-no as well.
I recommend to mommies that when they find out they are pregnant, they should start using a high SPF sunscreen all day, every day, even if they plan on staying inside.
I hope this helps you all and gives you a better understanding of why people get the mask of pregnancy. Thank you for reading my blog. If you need any help, call me.