My friend Elizabeth McGee has the coolest website.
She asked me to guest blog so I’m asking her to do the same in return. Until then check out her website because it really is awesome. It’s all about having a worry free cesarean section delivery. There are so many great things in her blog. I found so many things that can help ease a expecting parents mind if they are worried about having a cesarean section delivery. So here is some of the blog I wrote for her:
I am the father of two babies that were delivered by emergency cesarean section. Of course the guy who helps other people have babies and has the perfect vision of his births, didn’t get them.  Which goes to prove the point that birth is unpredictable! That is what I always have taught, however I forgot to apply it to my own birth. Our cesarean section deliveries were scary at first because my daughters were both sick. We were prepared for anything prior to our births even though we both had our own wishes about our deliveries. That makes all the difference in the world.
Both of my girls are healthy now , my youngest is four and the oldest is nine.
So let’s go back to the fact that birth is unpredictable. When I say this, I mean there are two ways to have a baby and the road to getting there can be riddled in unexpected turns. The two ways of delivering the baby would be vaginally or cesarean section delivery.
For many people vaginally is their goal. There are so many different reasons for this. Some are the belief systems that they grew up with, fear, or expectations of their role as a mother. When I work with expecting moms with these types of fears, I offer some tips to best avoid cesarian section delivery but tell them that it’s not something that you can erase out of the picture. First of all I personally have never seen a doctor perform a cesarean section delivery just because they want to leave the hospital. For people who have this fear, I tell them that they should trust their care provider because they chose that person. I often recommend a Doula for people who seem to have excessive fear about this and other things. Doula’s can reduce cesarean section deliveries by helping moms and dads feel more comfortable and calm in the birth room. The more calm that you are and less stressed, the easier delivery usually is because your body can do what it’s supposed to do. Stress hormones often slow the process way down and can cause other complications. Being prepared for any scenario is also a good way to avoid cesarean section delivery because you will be less stressed. Are you seeing a pattern here?
I also think it’s important for pregnant moms and dads to look at the strength that it takes to have a vaginal delivery and the strength that it takes to have a cesarean section delivery. This is usually an eye-opening process.
Most clients I’ve seen that have had a cesarean section delivery who are prepared for these scenarios are very happy to be holding a healthy baby. It is also important to keep in mind that recovery from vaginal delivery and cesarean section delivery are different, yet alike. Once again it is important to look at the strength it takes for both. There is so much information on recovery on Elizabeth’s website that I am now using it as a resource. I know I can’t go into everything, but I hope some of these things help your perspective on both types of delivery. I’d love to talk to you anytime, so feel free to reach out. 210-683-0318