Last night February 7 was a fantastic evening. I was able to meet with the fit mom’s group for the second time at one of their events. This group is a great group that’s led by Andrea Cabañas.  We talked about so many things. We talked about cesarean section delivery, breastfeeding, labor and delivery, and much much more. It is amazing how so many of these women have really works so hard to keep up with their fitness goals. In fact there was one who runs triathlons even while pregnant! Don’t even get me started on how amazing their husbands and partners were attending with them and listening so diligently to the information I was able to give as a Birth Mentor about what may come with the delivery of their new addition.
This all took place at Elements Therapeutic Massage at the ALON.  This place was amazing. Not only was a staff so friendly they were very knowledgeable about all of the services they provide. All in all I had a fantastic night. To top it off they even gave me a gift card for showing up and doing what I love to do, I never work a day in my life!
My favorite part of the evening was being able to see the looks on the faces of those I was sharing this important information with as this switch flipped and they really understood what I was talking about. The point where I see this actually happen is usually when people have breakthroughs about their fears. That’s when I know I’m doing my job.

Fit moms, thank you so much again for having me and letting me help your families on your journey towards parenting.