Why is father to father so important for dad’s journey?
Years ago when I began teaching Rocking Dads to many  new fathers, I saw a synergy begin that was unstoppable.  You see, so many dads are forced to go to classes with their partner and sit and listen to a childbirth educator while they watch videos and listen all day long.  This seems so mundane and really made the male partner feel uncomfortable and out of his element.  I found that after my class with the Rocking Dads protocol, most dads were more than willing to sit with their partner and work with me on all of the rest of the childbirth education and practical knowledge that they need.
From listening to my dads through their evaluations and reviews that they write about my class, I found that the approach that I take as well as my knowledge as a father, Doula, and Birth Mentor really make a difference in how they receive the information. For some guys it’s tough listening to a woman speak about breast-feeding and about what’s going to happen during early labor such as discharge, lots of discharge coming out of the wife’s vagina and her water breaking. Things of that nature sometimes need a little finessing from someone of the same gender.  The problem is not too many males in our community do what I do. As a matter fact there’s only a handful of male doulas and birth mentors in the United States.
Working with over 19,000 families now I find that my experience from just listening to them has made me able to facilitate so much more for these new fathers to be. The fact that I have two daughters that I raise,  Daisy, 4, and Eva, 9, helps me with some of the crazy questions that come up about fatherhood after the baby is born.
There are other men that do great work with dads as well such as Patrick Houser, Darren Maddock, and Joe Valley.
We all just don’t live in the same state, which is good for dads, but I kinda wish I hung out with these guys more (Patrick gives a great hug too).
I’m really excited that you chose me, Brian The Birth Guy, to help you with your fatherhood and motherhood journey.
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