Breastfeeding Classes San Antonio

This amazing and in-depth class goes further than any other Breastfeeding classes  San Antonio. Brian and his Breastfeeding Breastfeeding Classes San Antonioteam of Labor and delivery, NICU, and WIC-Babe cafe RN’s and IBCLC’s teach parents much more than the basics. You will learn to work in any birth setting be it home or hospital in order to have nothing short of the best breastfeeding outcomes. Your support or partner will learn how to assist you in overcoming most of the breastfeeding hurdles. You will even receive brief phone assistance if you attend this class.

You can expect to learn many things by attending this Breastfeeding Class in San Antonio including but not limited to:

• Why having a birth plan is important
• What to do and expect the first days and weeks of breastfeeding
• Breastfeeding and skin to skin for vaginal or Cesarean Section Delivery
• Controlling and avoiding jaundice, low blood sugar, temperature issues, and other common pitfalls
• Choosing and working with your OBGYN and pediatrician
• What to do and expect from beginning and throughout breastfeeding
• How to position and why a correct latch is important as well as how to latch
• Going back to work and how to pump, store, and deliver your breast milk
• Why early help makes a difference
• How to wean your baby
• Tons of other stuff
Meet the crew here!

Call for next class or info 210-683-0318