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About Brian

Brian The Birth Guy is a dad and a Doula


As the father of Eva (12) and Daisy (7),  Brian the birth Guy is no stranger to this world of babies and parenting.  Both of Brian’s daughters were born by emergency cesarian delivery.  Brian assisted his first birth at 19 years old and knew this was his calling.

Brian’s Education

Brian holds a degree in radiology, studied biology and chemistry with an emphasis in pathophysiology and owns BabyVision Ultrasound, San Antonio’s leader in 3D and 4D pre-natal imaging ultrasound.

Brian’s Experience & Education Services

Having worked with over 19,000 expectant families, Brian has taught many childbirth classes and currently teaches the incredibly popular Dad’s childbirth class “Rocking Dads” and couples birth class “Facilitating Fearless Birth”.

Why Choose Me

Due to his love of birth and babies, he proudly entered childbirth education as trained doula and San Antonio’s only actively practicing male doula (or “Dude-La” Brian says, being a surfer from California). Brian is an Author and a personality represented by Gersh Talent Agency Los Angeles by Laura McDonald and Alison Cohen (lit), and is managed by Alexa Rubin 301-332-4249.

“I really love it when the switch is flipped and I know that  the new parents really grasp what’s about to happen.  That is the moment they are ready to own it!”


Have Brian Call You

Have questions about me and my services please feel free to reach out anytime.

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Brian’s Mission

I am committed  to pregnancy support, birth support, babies, breastfeeding and parenting.

I WILL support seasoned parents, newbie parents, grandparents, and EVERYONE in your world no matter what the role.

I WILL support individual childbirth education needs or anyone that seeks help.

I WILL not place my beliefs or culture on any client that seeks my help. This is YOUR family, your culture, and your choices that matter!

I WILL be a practical, educational tool for families and birth professionals.

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